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Post Surgical Rehab Can Help You Recover Faster

You’ve had surgery and your mind tells you it’s time to get back to normal, but it’s not always so simple. The fact is, you may need post-surgical care in a short term rehab facility to help you regain your strength.

There are a number of factors involved in a successful healing process, and post-surgical care is one of these factors. It is one of the most beneficial steps a patient can take post-surgery in order to return to a normal daily routine.

wound care to physical therapy, medication management, and onsite support from the medical staff, the rehab recovery team works with the patient to ensure a comfortable, safe, and successful recovery after surgery.

Why You Need Post Surgical Care

Regardless of the type of surgery you’ve had – be it a hip replacement, cancer treatment, heart surgery, etc. – post-op surgical care helps to speed the recovery process. Post-surgical care will most likely begin while you are still in the hospital. A hospital therapist will help you get out of bed and assist you with walking again. They will also help you with other exercises to prepare you to return home.

Once you’ve been released from the hospital you may need to finish your recovery at a short term rehab facility. The amount of time you will need to be there will depend on the type of surgery you’ve had, and how actively you participate in your recovery.

How Post Surgical Rehab Aids Recovery
Even if you have family or a group of friends willing to help it can be hard to get consistent care once you leave the hospital, which can actually slow down the recovery process. If you are recovering from a minor surgical procedure it can still be difficult to perform day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, bathing, shopping for groceries, doing laundry, and walking up and down the stairs. If there are mobility issues post-surgery, the recovery process can be even more difficult.

Regardless of the type of surgery you have had, there is always the possibility of unexpected circumstances or complications. Often, it is the small details that can make all the difference and post-surgical care can help you deal with the unexpected.

Post surgical care helps to:
– Strengthen your muscles
– Improve range of motion and movement in the part of your body where you had surgery
– Reduce pain

– Help you walk again. First with assistance and then on your own.
– Teach you to do day to day activities like bathing, cleaning, cooking, walking up the stairs, etc

Who Will Work With You In Post Surgical Rehab?
Different medical professionals will work with you in different areas of your post surgical rehab recovery. Some of the medical professionals you can expect to work with are:

  • Physiatrist
    These doctors specialize in rehab recovery. They establish a plan tailored to your specific needs and oversee the program to make sure you are progressing as you should.
  • Nurses
    These trained medical professionals will care for you during your stay in short term rehab. Depending on your program, they may also visit you once you return home to ensure your recovery stays on track.
  • Dietitian
    Eating the proper foods after surgery is vital to post surgical recovery and a dietitian will help you build a plan for the right diet. If your doctor has recommended you avoid certain foods, salt, or sugar the dietitian will help you find healthy alternatives.
  • Physical therapist
    A physical therapist will teach you specific exercises to improve your strength and range of motion in the area of your body where you had the surgery.
  • Occupational therapist
    An occupational therapist works with you to regain the skills you need to safely return to a normal daily life. This can induce teaching you how to bathe, get dressed, use the bathroom, perform housekeeping duties, and cook. They will also recommend devices that you can use to make performing certain tasks easier, like elastic shoelaces or a dressing stick.
  • Speech therapist
    A speech therapist will work with you to relearn skills like swallowing, talking, and memory. This type of therapy is especially helpful after surgery that affects the brain.

Choose the Right Facility For Post Surgical Care

It’s important to do some research on your choice of a post-surgical care and short term rehab facility. Some factors to consider are:
– Reputation
– Success rates
– Whether or not they have fully equipped onsite clinics
– Specialization

You should feel comfortable about your choice to ensure a more successful recovery. A reputable short term rehab facility will always be happy and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Margate specializes in
Transitional Rehabilitation, a comprehensive rehabilitation approach that focuses on short-stay recovery after surgery or other illness. We are a leader in returning patients to their homes as quickly as possible. With rehabilitation services available 7 days a week, patients get the intensive treatment they need to return to their prior level of independence as quickly as possible. Contact us today to learn more. Our staff is always willing and happy to help.